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Why is Ja-Diam Your Best Choice for Diamond Evaluation?

Diamonds and Jewellery Evaluation by Experts

Middleman jewellery stores often make claims about their diamond evaluations, but only a diamond office like Ja-Diam is expressly suited to evaluate your diamonds or diamond jewellery with precision, transparency, and integrity.

Experience makes a difference in diamond evaluation. As a third-generation diamond office in the heart of Antwerp, the world's diamond capital, we are uniquely positioned to offer extremely accurate diamond appraisals and certifications. Consider the advantages of Ja-Diam:

FREE Evaluation

We are confident you will benefit from our professional diamond evaluation, and that you'll wish to sell your diamond to Ja-Diam. In that spirit, we are able to offer diamond evaluation at no charge.

Decades of Experience

As a direct diamond merchant, we have a profound knowledge of the current market and the latest evaluation criteria and techniques. Quite simply, it's our business to provide the kinds of precise appraisals that generations of diamond purchasers and sellers have relied on.

Industry-Standard Grading

We are located in, and are members of, the Diamond Club. We and also certified by the HRD, GIA and IGI organizations, which are recognized worldwide as industry leaders in the field of diamond grading. We will evaluate your diamonds according to widely-accepted standards such as the 4 “C's” – Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

All Diamonds Evaluated

Do you have a fancy diamond, either in terms of cut or colour? Are you seeking a second opinion on a diamond that you feel has been incorrectly appraised? Is your diamond set in antique jewellery or other jewellery? Our experience allows us to offer accurate appraisals no matter the circumstances.

Ja-Diam – Nothing Less Than Expert Appraisals, Each and Every Time

Please contact us to tell us more about your diamond evaluation needs, or to schedule a free evaluation. We are ready to help.

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