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Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Buying an Engagement Diamond She'll Love!

Ja-Diam offers a huge selection of engagement diamonds, and there is sure to be one in our inventory that will be perfect for your special someone. There are many factors to weigh when you are buying engagement diamonds, but you can depend upon Ja-Diam for the knowledge and unrivaled service you need.

Depend on our friendly experts to guide you to a successful purchase which will literally last a lifetime.


Don't Waste Time: Here's What You Need to Know:

While the best way to shop for diamonds for your engagement rings is in person—and we are happy to schedule your consultation with a Ja-Diam diamond expert—there are a few things to consider before you even get to the diamond store:
  • Should you take your fiancée along? - You have to decide whether you'd like to involve your fiancée in the diamond selection process, or whether you think she would love the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of a surprise. Alternately, you could buy a loose diamond to surprise her with, and then she can help pick out the setting.
  • Knowing her preferences – think about the jewellery she wears on a regular basis. She might love white gold, or perhaps she prefers yellow gold. Does she like bold jewellery, or understated jewellery? Contemporary, or classic? Does she love a particular gemstone in addition to a diamond? The perfect engagement diamond rings reflect the personality and style of their owners.
  • Choosing the right size – Size considerations go beyond ring size. The right proportion can make all the difference. Women with long fingers can wear bold styles, while elongated diamonds can make shorter fingers appear sleeker.
  • Choosing the right setting – the prong setting is very popular, but it may not fit your fiancée's personality or lifestyle. Alternatives include invisible settings, channel settings, and bezel settings. Ja-Diam can guide you through each option so you choose just the right diamond.

Ja-Diam – Just the Right Diamond, Just the Right Price

Budget is an important consideration when buying engagement diamond rings. Because Ja-Diam is a direct diamond merchant, you won't deal with a middle man who would artificially inflate the price.

Choose the best: choose Ja-Diam for all your engagement diamond needs! Visit us to learn more about a variety of diamond selections, or contact us for more information.

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