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Diamond Sources

Back to Basics: How are Diamonds Formed?

Diamonds are created deep under the earth, where extreme temperatures and pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallize, forming what we know as diamonds. Some of the diamonds we discover are found in what's called Kimberlite. This ancient volcanic rock contains diamonds unearthed from volcanic eruptions. Kimberlite is named after Kimberley, South Africa, where this rock was first mined. When Kimberlite is eroded (as in a riverbed), diamonds can be washed away to collect in what's called an alluvial deposit, which is another common source of diamonds.
Diamonds have been discovered in 35 countries and several continents. Africa is the most prevalent continent when it comes to diamond mining. However, the earliest diamonds were found in alluvial deposits in India as well as Borneo, giving rise to some of the legendary large diamonds such as the Orlov.

Russia and Canada have been two of the most productive diamond-supplying countries, with Alrosa being Russia's largest mining group and Rio Tinto being most prominent in Canada. But the most famous region with a reputation for diamond mining is of course South Africa. When a diamond was discovered there in 1867, it created a flurry of activity in rivers as well as traditional mines. The most famous South African mines include De Beers, Kimberley, Dutoitspan, and Premier, all of which have produced copious amounts of diamonds and some of the most famous and largest gemstones in the world. Venezuela, Australia, Brazil, and Ghana are among other major diamond exporters.

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