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Evaluating Jewellery – with the Help of Ja-Diam!

When it comes to the evaluation of jewellery, it is crucial you rely on only certified gemologists with a profound knowledge of precious metals, settings, gemstones, and diamonds. Antwerp is the acknowledged center of the world's foremost master gemologists and jewellers, and Ja-Diam is proud to be a part of this storied tradition. 

More About Ja-Diam

Ja-Diam is a Belgian family-owned business which has operated in Antwerp's famed diamond district for four generations. As a member of the Diamond Club, our company has earned a sterling reputation as a trusted diamond evaluator, and we are eager to prove ourselves to you and earn your business.

There are many choices when it comes to the evaluation of jewellery, but the friendly experts
at Ja-Diam are here to serve you, taking the uncertainty and confusion out of the diamond and jewellery selection process. 

Choosing the Right Diamond

You've probably heard of the “4 C's” when it comes to diamonds: carat, clarity, colour, and cut. Essentially, the first 3 “C's” depend on natural processes, with rare diamond qualities (heavier, less flaws, lacking colour) being more highly prized than common qualities. There are some exceptions; for example, intensely colored diamonds, or “fancies,” are very rare and often command significantly more than white diamonds. The last “C” is cut, which refers to a master craftsman's ability to bring out the brilliance and beauty of a diamond by creating facets. In all cases, the “C's” must be carefully examined by a certified and trusted gemologist.

For those in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg—as well as jewellery lovers the world over—rely on our expertise when it comes to evaluating jewellery.

Ja-Diam is pleased to offer free evaluations of diamonds. If you are selling diamonds, we are committed to getting you the maximum value for your stone. If you are interested in buying diamonds, our gemologists are eager to work closely with you to ensure you choose the perfect piece that fits your personality, sense of style, and budget.

Contact Ja-Diam today, and discover the difference of a true Antwerp diamond office.

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